venerdì 13 giugno 2014

Zero Euro - Salvatore Fiore

Lately, the attempt to buy a full shopping trolley in a German supermarket with a 30 euros papermoney, might have inspired the print of "0 Euro paper money" by Salvatore Fiore from the Academy of fine arts of Napoli, who brightens up a discussion about the value of contemporary art: this time the art piece is the money itself, it embarasses the estimator and makes him question about his importance. A conceptual act nearest to 1961' "Artist's shit" by Manzoni in terms of dealing with the value of art. Apparently criptical, it fits well the italian idea about the european common money since the actual economic crisis. Zero, that's how much people value it, as a result. By the way, what's really the means of happiness? Money not at all. In watermark detail, the image of a troll-face, a reference to the world of Absurd, internet and its memes.
Salvatore Fiore zero Euro paper money 2014
Salvatore Fiore "0 Euro paper money" 2014 / paper
not-so-unique piece

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